Seattle Seahawks Give up Trademark Blocking Request Against Hunger Games

icon25The Seattle Seahawks will no longer block a trademark request made by Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins, according to the Seattle Times.

Collins already has trademarked several terms that reference District 12, the title of an area described in the novel. Lions Gate Films, which makes the Hunger Games films, has attempted to expand that trademark to include apparel products.

The Seahawks — whose fans are collectively referred to as “The 12th Man” — had petitioned multiple times last year to delay the trademark application but will now allow it to progress.

The decision to back off comes despite the team’s recent aggressive push to trademark other terms commonly associated with the team, such as “Legion Of Boom.” The Seahawks last week attempted to trademark the word “Boom” as well as various representations of the number 12, the Times reported.

12th Man

Over recent seasons, the team has successfully trademarked phrases like “Spirit of 12″ and “Bring on the 12,” in reference to its fans.

– Will Green

Source: Sports Illustrated