Patent Portfolio vs Patent Everything


“Patent everything” is not a viable strategy for building a defensible portfolio of intellectual property assets. Organizations that adopt this approach will eventually be forced to reconcile the appetite for large numbers of applications with the reality of a limited budget.


If the number of applications is inflexible in that equation (“we must file three hundred applications this year”), the quality and scope of individual applications will necessarily suffer. The organization will, as a result, build a wonderful pile of patents, each of which is likely worth little more than the cost paid to obtain it. In some industries, though, the presence of the aggregate pile, independent of individual patents, may provide a desired value.

If, however, the organization is willing to prioritize its inventions and pursue applications only on those that make sense — those that are aligned with current business objectives and that are tied to real or planned business value — the quality and scope of individual applications can expand significantly. The organization making this choice will, over time, build a portfolio of meaningful patent assets, each of which has the potential to prove invaluable.

Every organization needs to continually ask itself — are we building a pile of patents…or a portfolio?

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